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Raising new debt on ideal terms, or restructuring existing debt, has turned out to be harder, notwithstanding for the strongest borrowers.
Inadequately debt facilities can bring about diminished profitability, increased financial risk and squandered management time.
Our accomplished Debt Advisory Services experts can accomplish the most ideal results in examining, organizing, lead arranging and
executing over the whole range of debt products.

Restructuring and negotiation

Help customers oversee lender relationships and facility extensions as well as advice on restructuring and recapitalization options.

Funding options and alternatives

Evaluate funding options across traditional debt, mezzanine finance, hybrids, structured finance.

Debt raising and refinancing strategies

Structure and arrange debt capital across all markets.

How we work

We understand that each obligation issue is unique and along these lines our amicable consultants treat each individual call personally.
Reorganization of outstanding debt obligations is done through One Time Settlement route by introducing
corporate to Private Equity, ARCs, and Stressed Asset Funds.